Friday, April 1, 2011

Just breathe...

Sometimes I really have to remember to just breathe. I can lose myself, forget what I'm even doing, and get easily frustrated sometimes, but if I just take some deep breathes things already seem less catastrophic.

I got my macbook back! I am so pleasantly surprised by the whole experience. It was fixed not eighteen hours later and they had replaced the entire keyboard/facepad while they were at it! It is such a pleasure writing on a brand new keyboard, and my computer is running smoothly and much faster! Funny story, though. I had to use my own power supply at the genius bar in the apple store and promptly forgot it once I left. I got back home just as it began to snow/sleet/rain, realized I had left my power chord in the apple store, and had to walk all the way back to boyleston street to get it back. A bit embarrassing. I didn't end up having walk home from the apple store in the rain, though, as boyfriend happened to be close by and offered to pick me up.

I did figure out exactly how much music I had lost... pretty sad, but I went from approximately seventy eight GB of music to just over fifty six. That is really the only truly disappointing part of this. I've definitely learned my lesson on backing up my files. I already erased everything from the external hard drive and am working on running Time Machine to back everything up again in a more organized fashion.

In other news? I am going to Cape Cod this weekend! Back to my original college roots, I suppose. I'm so excited. I haven't seen my friend, Nick, since October and it has been even longer since I have seen my other friend, Joe. This will be a fun weekend indeed.

Also, apparently had a spastic fit in my sleep last night. Obviously, I have no memory of the incident but boyfriend insists that poking my elbow while I'm unconscious leads to excessive flailing. I'll bet that happens to everybody, and really all that comes to mind when I hear my elbow was poking is the expression 'punching a sleeping bear'.

I need to make good food choices. Aside from the obvious lack of money, when I don't plan ahead I make crappy food choices and then I don't feel great. I've made quite a few poor decisions in the past few days and this has led to me suffering from a low-grade sugar hangover. Clearly I have a problem. Back to the point, once I get out of class I need to sacrifice gym time to go home and make some ready-made meals to bring with me to the cape. I shall be getting picked up around eight thirty. I'm so excited! Expect updates AND pictures!

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  1. What?? Three days without an post??
    By the way, the skipping the gym part can become contagious, so watch out.
    Happy you had a great weekend on the cape.