Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's a Sunday kind of day...

So the better part of my Sunday was spent moseying. I kept myself a safe distance to the heater since it snowed last night. Again. My theory? February would like to get a few last words in before it turns into March. Typical.

The good news is that I made the prettiest lunch ever that was SO good and SO filling that I'm still comfortably full and it has been about 6 hours. I wanted to use the last handful of romaine I had in the fridge before I started in on the lettuce my mom brought me, so I decided on a salad. I had half of a red pepper in the fridge and some carrots that my mom brought. Ever since I was a little kid I've had the hugest thing for balsamic vinegar, so it guest stars on almost every salad I make. Since it was so cold here in Boston today I decided to cook up a vegan apple sausage and some green beans. Delicious. I think I'm so full because of the apple sausage. They taste heavenly and are very hearty soooo... I took another picture!

Now that I've started with the picture posting I just may keep putting them up! It's surprisingly easy. I'm also going to post a picture to give you all a visual to go along with yesterday's blog post. My mom took this picture of me with my sister and my dad on her new droid. We were briskly walking through Boston Commons trying to get to the car! I'm the one on the left with the cranberry juice sticking out of her pocket...

Besides sitting next to the heater studying all day, I also spent a fair amount of time folding laundry. Turns out when you do tons of laundry in one night it means folding the same tons of laundry the next day. Who knew? At least now my room is super clean with not a single piece of dirty laundry in sight. I'm excited for school tomorrow because I have my first exam for Roman Civilization. I want to see if my studying paid off... Plus after hanging around the house all day I could use some time at the gym to burn off this extra energy!


  1. All that food you descibed sounded awful, but then when I saw the picture it looked like the most beatiful meal I have ever seen in my life....

    Oh yeah and I like your Feburary theory hah

  2. You are creating a new career for yourself: the Julie Powell ("Julie/Julia" blog creator) of Vegan Times. Cozeying/moseying suits you.

    I wonder if I can post pix to a comment?