Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lazy Friday and Super Saturday!

Usually I find February to be terribly dull and I rejoice in it being the shortest month of the year. Now I know I failed at updating yesterday, but I was surprisingly not at school as long as I usually am. After my early class and going to the gym, my boyfriend picked me up so we could hang out, do some laundry, and cook dinner.

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Not to brag, but I make a mean pico de gallo. It is spicy but because the vegetables are fresh it is also a little bit sweet. We also lived a little bit on the edge and got some vegetable rolls (a cucumber roll, a carrot roll, and an avocado roll). It was nice to not make my own sushi for a change! I'm ashamed to admit that I may have eaten about a few (or eight) too many Newman's Own cookies (they make amazing dairy free cookies). Clearly I lack self control. The perfect ambiance to accompany our dinner? Goodfellas. Robert DeNiro is amazing, and I did have a laugh watching Joe Pesci.

After a night like that it would seem as though my weekend couldn't get any better. You would be so wrong. Surprise! My family came to visit me (except for my brother). My favorite thing is to have my family visit. I get terribly homesick when I don't see my family for too long (two weeks is my limit on too long, though I have gone longer). My sister is diving head-first into the college application process, and with an amazing offer from one of her top schools she needed to revisit Boston for a tour.

After the tour my parents took us out for lunch at P.F. Changs, and I got an absolutely delicious brown-rice Buddha Feast. It was five-spice tofu with asparagus, broccoli, and green beans. I have leftovers for dinner so I am beyond excited that I get to enjoy it twice. The thing I love about hanging out with my family is that it is always comfortable, and even if I am not home it FEELS like I am.

Another treat that simply ices the cake? Grocery shopping! Grocery shopping is honestly one of my favorite things to do. It is calming and filled with possibilities. My parents took me to Whole Foods and in honor of that awesomeness, I have decided to grace this blog with its first picture! The food looked so delicious sitting on the table, so I knew I had to document it.

Doesn't that look so amazing? I can hardly wait to start using it! I feel so spoiled with a weekend full of loved ones, clean laundry, and amazing food!

I'm not planning on leaving the house tonight (a bit too cold outside) so I'm going to stay close to the heater and study for the two exams I have this week and maybe watch a bit of Take Home Chef. Maybe February is trying to send me a message that it's not so bad after all...


  1. You know how i know your gay? Because I heard you make a mean pico de gallo....

    It sounds like a fun couple of days!!!...oh yeah and your blog always seems to make me hungry...

  2. Wow! Your attachment to Newman's cookies sounds like you could rival the woman arrested in FLA for attacking her roommate (who ate her Girl Scout thin mints). I've seen you passionately possesive of your treats. The thought frightens me, dear! Personally, the Thin Mints certainly hit a chord close to home so I'm worried you might, too, be on the edge..."Apples don't fall far from the tree", you know.

    ~ Here's the link, in case you missed it....

    P.S. Whole Foods should hire you as a food photographer ~ not unlike Trader Joe's recognizing your artistic talents! ;D

    P.P.S. "Home is where the Heart Is... "

  3. There is always something warm and yet witty in the way you relate an experience. Makes me feel like you are sitting next to me telling me about your day.

  4. You're splurge is 8 newmans own cookies?
    <3 the picture of us. oh and you. i love you as well.