Thursday, February 24, 2011

Surrender to hunger...

Something weird happened to me at an ungodly hour this morning that almost never happens. I woke up. My sleeping habits are fairly routine and somewhat boring. Eight hours here, eight hours there. It is a rare occasion that I don't sleep through the night, and an even rarer one for me to wake up feeling monstrously nauseous. It is usually the sign that something is terribly wrong.

Immediately I jumped to conclusions: Lupus. Turned out to be nothing, but one can never be too careful. My more realistic guess was just a case of low blood pressure or blood sugar which can be traced directly back to my failure to eat anything at all yesterday save for a veggie wrap and a kiwi. Luckily I have the smartest mom in the world who, last time she came to visit, brought a nice box of crackers for me. I don't usually partake in crackers (especially lately...they just seem so lonely without cheese), but they certainly did help with their loaded sodium and sugar content. Took me a bit to fall back asleep after that little episode though.

Cut to this morning. Wake up today was 5:30 am. If you do the math you might notice there isn't a terribly large time gap between the unceremonious wake up call from my body and the time I had to greet the day. I laid in bed an extra 15 minutes feeling sorry for myself which resulted in my not having time to pack a lunch, brush my hair (which is often neglected anyway), or pack my gym bag.

Lessons learned:
1. I need to be better about eating on a schedule the same way I sleep on a schedule. I'm a very good eater, don't get me wrong (those of you who know me are probably laughing as you read this), but sometimes after a long day I just don't have it in me to chew anything. Clearly the rest of my body doesn't share the same sentiment.

2. Lying in bed that extra 15 minutes was such a bad idea.

3. Gym bag needs to be packed the night before.

Now that we've covered that let's move onto something exciting! My new study group! How cool is that? I've been approached by someone at school with the intent to be friends. Socially awkward at first, I'm finding this the perfect opportunity to be charming and show off the study guide I spent four and a half hours perfecting almost two weeks ago. My plan is to pretend I made it after they invited me yesterday instead of embarrassingly long before the exam. I will also pretend I made it in less than an hour and neglect to mention the three prototypes it took for me to get my study guide to look 'just right'.

Good thing I wore pink today. It brings out the tired in my eyes. They'll totally think I'm hardcore.

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  1. thoughts from what only could be your mother:

    *pb goes well on crackers, as does hummas, jelly and salsa

    *mantra the girl scout motto: "Be Prepared"

    *be careful how great you appear ~ people will come to expect it

    *enjoy your new friends