Monday, March 21, 2011

Back in the swing of things...

Nothing gets you out of the vacation mindset like a huge dose of reality, right?

I slept through my alarm by two hours this morning! This almost NEVER happens to me. The good news about the whole situation is that I had set my alarm two hours early the night before, so it didn't do much damage aside from being a general fail. Hooray! Aside from being defeated by an alarm clock, I looked out the window and noticed it was snowing. You heard me. Snowing. This is what I call a lose-lose. The snow loses because it has to be here knowing nobody likes it, and I lose because all I've been dreaming about for weeks is sunshine and green grass. I'm just so glad the weather feels comfortable enough in our relationship to cover my dreams in an avalanche.

The next dose of reality came about as abruptly as being smacked across the face with a slab of ham. I have roommates. Who doesn't, right? Smart people, that's who.

My roommates like to eat. A lot. Cool. Specifically, they like to eat things that I don't eat (meat, dairy, heavily processed things, dog shit, hamburger helper, etc.). As long as you're not shoving a fifty cent hot dog smothered in chili that both smells and looks like diarrhea down MY throat, I don't really care. At least...usually I don't care. The circumstances in which do I care are very few, but they do include particular episodes like the one that occured this morning. I was trying to sleep like a normal person and instead I was woken up around three in the morning by billows of thick, putrid smoke and a screeching smoke alarm. Turns out, one of my roommates thought that he would cook his nightly dose of hot dogs in a pan instead of boiling them (what he usually does). What clearly didn't occur to him was that once a hot dog goes on a pan it needs to be closely watched and turned consistently. Yes, even me, the vegan, knows this.

Instead, he decided to go watch some T.V. while he waited for his food to hop off of the stove and climb into his mouth. This resulted almost immediately in an apartment filled with smoke, destroyed hot dogs, and disappointment. So glad I came back, can I move into one of the supply closets at school now?

I'm not bitter about it. I'm sure this will all be but a painful memory to be repressed in about eight years.

Lunch today is barley and lentils sauteed with onion and a green salad. A delicious and uncomplicated way to begin the week! I'm going to go, because my sister aka bestfriendinthewholeworld just facebook chatted me!

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  1. eww gross I wouldn't even eat hamburger helper.....And I was sooooo pissed when I saw snow, I cursed the sky...