Monday, March 21, 2011

I know, another post!

I just had a sudden surge of energy! I was fairly tired today (I'm blaming the weather and my early morning wake up call), so I am actually very surprised by this.

This sudden surge of energy might be attributed to my having just ingested a sizeable amount of grained wheat pasta topped with nutritional yeast and some raw green onion. I hadn't intended to be up this late and had meant for the pear, hummus, and carrots I was munching on while skyping my parents to be dinner. Life had better, tasty plans for me. I hadn't had nutritional yeast in almost two weeks and was going through a withdrawl of sorts, especially since my mom and I talked about it a few times while I was home.

The only challange with this meal was the green onion. Lately I've been trying to be good and eat the whole thing. The funky looking roots at the end are absolutely action packed with nutrients, and I'm trying to take full advantage. I haven't really had many texture issues with food. I love mushrooms, sauteed green leaves, tempeh, and (more recently) tofu. This should speak volumes. There are two things on this earth I've been struggling with texture-wise. Eggplant and the roots of green onion. Eggplant feels like I'm eating a sponge, but more importantly we need to address the green onion root. Why does it have to look SO weird? I feel like I'm eating miniature fingers. The good news is, the roots look less strange when I mince them, but I know they're in there!

I need to grow up at some point. I've done a good job eating them anyway, but I felt like if I wrote it out on the internet maybe it would psych me out a little bit less. Also, I've learned that waiting to put my snacks away when I'm done eating them is better than leaving them on my bed. The bag of carrots I was munching on earlier was neglected and took a nap next near my pillow. The result? I flopped onto my bed and face-planted into a bag of beta carotene. Whatevs.

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