Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something intelligent and witty so you will think I'm dynamic.

I had a moment today. It was after having a quiz and going to the gym, and as I was fantasizing about the bean salad I had tucked away in my backpack. I was about to eat it until (not to sound like a freak or a sap) I realized that I almost never take the time to give thanks for my food anymore. I know everyone is aware that there are so many people in this world that don't have good food to eat and I also know that is something we don't like to think about.

When I say 'give thanks for my food' I don't necessarily mean giving thanks to any specific religious deity in particular, but just having general gratitude for the opportunity of that meal. This may sound like it is coming completely out of nowhere (and it kind of is), but my parents didn't raise me to take things for granted. The average person doesn't usually expend a great deal of personal effort into food cultivation or preparation anymore, so I think (and I speak for myself here) that maybe that has numbed us a little bit to the whole process.

Realizing all of this, I took a minute before diving headfirst into my bean salad and I feel like it made my food taste just a little bit better.

Plans for today? Another update later this evening. Also, I have another quiz to go study for AND I need to go hunt down my 'Watchmen' tshirt. I left it at the gym yesterday like a doofus, and I need that shirt back! It totally brings out my inner nerd. Or outer nerd. Both? The gym doesn't have it's own lost and found apparently, so I have to go check out the one in the campus center. The good news is I don't think anybody will want that shirt. I left it AFTER working out yesterday, so it definitely smells like a dead moose.

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