Thursday, March 3, 2011


Not really any fun pictures today. This is mostly attributed to the fact that I had a very simple salad for lunch and am having an equally simple dinner. This seems so unlike me. Why? I wasn't home at my usual hour to prepare dinner and I had little prep time for recipes between classes an the gym. I was also surprised by some after school socializing!

This is really because I have the best boyfriend ever. I got such a treat today. Instead of hanging around school for an excessive period of time after class I got picked up by said boyfriend and we went back to his apartment for a special viewing of last night's 'I Used to be Fat' rerun. It was the reunion special, and I think I died from the awesomeness. I was also gifted a marvelous bag of my favorite grapes. I should just say that I LOVE grapes, but I usually avoid purchasing them because they are awfully expensive. This was such a treat, and I did eat half of the bag already. I know. I shouldn't.

I am getting exponentially excited for my return home and also for my twenty first birthday. I can legally purchase alcohol! I don't really drink often enough for this to be a huge deal, but it does mean that I can get into bars and such. This has been a problem as it seems almost everyone I end up hanging out with in Boston is at least a year and a half older than me, and they often want to see bands/go to bars. This is something I will SOON be able to do! Can't wait. I have decided that my birthday drink will be sake. One warm and one cold to see which I prefer. My feet are twitching.

New recipe to try for tomorrow: mentioned that I had some garbanzo beans (chickpeas) soaking at home to my boyfriend. I had decided I was going to make a spiced chickpea burger out of them and he got excited by that notion and requested that I make that for dinner tomorrow. This is perfect since I just got home and was really not feeling up to the whole mooshing, grinding, and pan-frying process that is required of burger-making. Dinner tonight? A luna bar and more grapes (someone stop me from inhaling the whole bag). Possibly some steamed spinach and an early bedtime. Sounds fantastical, no?

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  1. Imagine catching a glimpse of someone photographing their school lunch...whatever will a day bring?