Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So much excitement!

I remain in good spirits today, despite the red alert from my school about a MEASLES outbreak! Apparently a professor was diagnosed with measles, so those of us who can't verify immunity are not allowed to participate in public activities (like the gym, going to clubs, etc.). Lucky for me, I am immune. Thank goodness.

I almost wish I wasn't allowed to go to the gym, though. Apparently I'm a spaz and can't handle any kind of thigh-weights. Tried some a few days ago and have been very sore. Yesterday I thought I would suck it up and work through it. Bad idea, because this morning when I went to put pants on I fell over and ended up crawling back over to my bed like a wounded animal. I wasn't aware that I had that much muscle that could hurt THAT much. Needless to say, I skipped that particular set of weights during this morning's workout.

I have a picture of last night's dinner for y'all. I had a date with myself and made an amazing but simple brown rice pilaf. It was just some short grained brown rice sauteed with some toasted pine nuts and maple-caramelized onions. This was topped, of course, with some shoyu (soy sauce). The picture doesn't really do it justice, but trust me when I say it was fantastical.

This morning I woke up a little bit early since I went to bed a lot a bit early last night. Since I was up with some extra time I decided to make some home-made granola out of toasted rolled oats, some sea salt, and some maple syrup. It smelled SO good while it was in the oven, and I didn't take a picture since it was enthusiastically consumed within three minutes. I am a pig. Though it was delicious, I'm not sure if I would start my day like that often. It was very sweet/salty and almost overwhelming for a morning treat. Definitely kept me full for a long time though.

Cut to lunch. My second class of the day was canceled and I ended up home earlier than usual. This was a bit of a mixed bag, as it allowed me to eat what I pleased but also meant my quiet 'me time' I get at school was nixed for the day. I was feeling like maybe I could go for some alkalizing vegetables to counterbalance the granola episode of this morning so I made some miso with mushrooms, broccoli, onion, carrot, green beans, and the ever present daikon. Delicious. I paired this with some spinach sauteed in balsamic vinegar (my mom always served spinach in vinegar when I was a kid and whenever I eat it I get a pleasant throwback to family dinners in the kitchen).

Don't tell anyone, but I may have eaten some of my leftover pilaf from last night as well... it was just SO good! Generally the whole meal filled me up completely and I felt much more balanced after that. On the other hand, since I just recently finished eating it and it is past five o'clock I have a feeling that was more of a supper than anything else.

I talked to my mom last night for a bit on the phone, and I was just getting so super excited for my birthday. I can't believe how close it is! I think I'm mostly just excited to be home. I still get to talk to and see my family when I'm not living at home, but the hardest is leaving my dog. She's the sweetest thing and obviously can't understand what 'going to college' means, so whenever I go home she follows me around for days until she's fairly certain I'm not leaving again. I always do, and that is part of what makes it so hard. I'm also bummed that my sister won't be home for my birthday. Did I mention she is going to France that week? How cool is that? She's going to take a lot of pictures because if she doesn't she knows I will kill her. Ha-ha. But really.

Did I mention the fun thing that happened to me on the subway this morning? A lovely older gentleman selling Boston Globes gave me one for free on the condition that I kept showing the world "my beautiful smile". How cute is that? I think I was just working off of my granola-high so the smiling may not have been intentional. It was also a bit funny because, as I looked at the front of the paper, I noticed that my very own school had made the front page for the whole measles debacle.

Am currently multitasking. I'm both studying for a midterm I have on Tuesday and am also browsing recipes to try when I go home to visit. Just found one for a vegan coconut-lime pie with a raw almond-date crust. Yum!


  1. Can't believe your gym routine has gotten you too. I am so sore myself from the treadmill beast. My new orthotics are working at least. Its just the pain of not being on the treadmill for two years that is painful.
    Can't wait to celebrate your b'day. Can't believe it is almost here again.

  2. Of course i'll take tons of pictures for you. and lofa misses you! as do i! sorry i won't be home for your birthday :(